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Stop Guessing - Simple Attribution Model for Education Marketing

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

I have had a number of discussions recently about attribution. Over the years I have worked with some really advanced attribution platforms with Google , Salesforce, and Facebook. Even with those powerhouses, it was still complicated and difficult to explain budgeting non direct response campaigns.

Below is a simple model I have used over the years that will give you solid insights into your marketing channel investments and overall ROI.

Break your funnel touch points into three actions:

1. Originator – How they found you

2. Influencer – What got them to buy

3. Converter – Where they bought

List all of your marketing channels: (Search, Affiliate, Display, Social, SEO, etc.)

Use any internal CRM data, Google Analytics, Hubspot, or other platforms to understand the weighting for each of the channels and its influence on the conversion. When you budget for spend across channels, use the weighting in the matrix below to give credit for each channel and determine a value.

This model should allow you to better understand the overall impact each channel has on sales and ROI.

Sample Attribution Model Matrix:

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