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Education Marketing Consultants

We help your school craft marketing strategies to find, retain, and graduate students with pride!  

Marketing and Enrollment Experience


Managed over $300 million in media spend over last 10 years


Managed over 150 cohorts for 40+ universities at once


Sourced over 10 million student inquiries in last 10 years


Supported marketing for over 35,000 enrollments in 1 year for 1 institution

A few of the 50+ schools we have worked with

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Our Passion is Our Work

Our team of experienced education marketers, strategists, and designers has worked with many schools across the country, and we've seen firsthand the unique challenges and opportunities that institutions face. We take the time to understand your institution's goals, values, and target audience, and we work collaboratively with you to develop tailored marketing strategies that are designed to drive enrollment growth, enhance brand recognition, and improve ROI.

Our Superpowers

AD campaigns

We don't waste money on Google because we know how to target the right students at the right time. 


Our team of search and social marketers have direct industry experience and have managed Google campaigns for domestic and global colleges, schools, universities, and EdTech companies.


Your student is the hero of your story. Let us help you tell that story and showcase what makes them hero's.


Our team has a deep understanding of education marketing and the student journey. We have worked with some of the largest institutions in the world.


Content is at the heart of every school's story. 

Our team of content marketers believe in creating unique and compelling stories about each unique school, program and student.


Since 2008 we have witnessed the competitive landscape become cloudy with messaging and differentiation. We help you stand out in a crowded market.


We have experience developing and building brand strategies, marketing plans, and enrollment growth initiatives. 


We work with you to develop strategies and budgets that have clear defined goals but also factor in flexibility for specific admissions or program based priorities.



Our Straightforward Approach


Measuring and Tracking

In every engagement we work with your team to ensure all marketing efforts are setup to track effectively. This is the foundation of our partnership.


Student Journey

Unlike other agencies, we focus on the entire student journey from the first brand experience to the moment they speak with admissions and even to graduation.



Our engineering roots and experience across nearly every education product gives us the unique ability to understand the landscape and focus to deliver results.

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Higher  Education Experience

The RGI team are former marketing executives with experience across public, private institutions and career colleges of all sizes. We have experience developing and building brand strategies, marketing plans, and enrollment growth initiatives. We have worked with over 50 universities and colleges in the US and a half dozen globally.

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University Building

Passionate Marketing Strategist

For the past 15+ years, we have helped schools create their brand presence and achieve their enrollment goals. Our process is designed to empower schools and support internal operations with the marketing tools, campaigns, and data insights needed to succeed. Our team has built strategies for vocational schools, public and private, profit and not for profit with brand such as Rutgers, Georgia Tech, Michigan State University, Emory, Columbia, Northwestern, Ultimate Medical Academy, UCLA, and many others.

Analytical Approach for Enrollment Growth

Our services includes a comprehensive deep dive into the entire student cycle to determine areas of opportunity to improve student enrollment, retention, and outcomes. Over the years we have analyzed millions of student inquiries and partnered with admissions teams to develop strategic marketing plans and scoring models to improve performance and drive growth. 

Marketing and Enrollment Services

We have been at the helm of marketing for a number of universities and institutions and we know first hand the major challenges and opportunities. This allows us to focus on the key areas of impact and work. We partner with institutions on building out full campaign strategies built for enrollment growth.


  • Marketing Strategy

  • Inquiry Generation

  • Enrollment Optimization

  • Full Campaign Management

  • Analysis and Reporting


Picture of Rustam Irani, founder of RGI Consulting

Founder and Principal Consultant

Rustam Irani  has over 15 years of higher education marketing experience and led significant teams and budgets for regional,  national, and global colleges and universities. He was the Vice President of Marketing for Trilogy (which was acquired by 2U in April 2020 for $750M) where he led the digital marketing efforts across a growing product line globally for 46 University partners. Rustam was also head of marketing at Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) and was responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of UMA’s marketing and 30+ person team. In his 6 years at UMA, the school grew from 6,500 to over 15,000 students.


Rustam was also the co-founder of mobile marketing startup Gigatap where he oversaw the execution of mobile marketing and customer acquisition efforts for the start-up. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer of The Media Crew, a 4-time Inc. 500 digital marketing agency in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Scott Woodbury-Stewart

Working with Rustam and RGI Consulting has been a fantastic partnership. Their ability to understand our business and craft a comprehensive roadmap for our growth in 2023 was impressive. Rustam’s expertise and guidance have played a pivotal role in propelling our business forward. Through their strategic insights, we successfully expanded our marketing efforts across multiple channels, resulting in increased sales.

Hear what our clients have to say

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Naveed Lalani
Head of Partnerships

We partnered with RGI Consulting on a multifaceted project encompassing an in-depth analysis of degree providers and short courses. Their team not only delivered a comprehensive landscape assessment, rich with critical insights on various partners, but also crafted strategic go-to-market approaches tailored for direct-to-provider outreach. Their expertise extended to evaluating the lead aggregator space, providing us with a clear understanding that influenced our strategies. Most impressively, their foresight on potential challenges enabled us to plan our strategy with confidence. Their work was instrumental in refining our educational program strategies.

Florida Vocational Institute and Nursing

Jennifer Cottam
Marketing Director

Working with Rustam Irani and RGI Consulting has been an exceptional experience for us at FVI School of Nursing and Technology. Rustam's deep understanding of both marketing and the education industry, paired with his remarkable industry connections, has significantly contributed to our growth and outreach. His easy-going nature makes collaboration seamless and enjoyable. Rustam's expertise is not just theoretical; it's practical and results-driven, making RGI Consulting a valuable asset to our organization. We highly recommend Rustam for anyone looking to elevate their marketing strategy and make a tangible impact in their field.

How to Improve Your Higher-Ed Student Journey - An Interview with Rustam Irani
Education Marketing Leader

How to Improve Your Higher-Ed Student Journey - An Interview with Rustam Irani

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Rustam Irani

Principal Consultant


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